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Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia
An Unforgettable Flavorful Gateway  

History !

The elegant and unique Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia Indian Restaurant was established in 1998 with one simple aim to serve authentic, Indian cooking with freshly prepared ingriedients. Diners at the Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia Indian Restaurant can expect to be served the freshest and most authentic selection of food from one of the most extensive Indian restaurant menus.
We aim to propagate the virtues of Pure vegetarian food & its health benefits.

Full - Service Restaurant !

Our restaurant is expanding to a new model of full - service restaurants, in areas around you so that you can enjoy tasty and healthy indian food with your friends & family.

Professional staff !

Our highly trained and experienced cooks are the experts in the production, preparation and presentation of our Indian dishes.