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Our Journey

The Roots

The roots of Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia stretch back to 1964 when the then young Shri Shyamdas Sujwani opened the first outlet in Bhopal. The restaurant gained immediate popularity and was soon the talk of the town thanks to its superior quality and taste which appealed to both the young and the old.

Butter Paneer Masala - Naveen's Bapu ki Kutia

Brand Value

Over the last half a century, Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia has made its presence made as a pure vegetarian restaurant serving delicious food made from scratch with the freshest ingredients sourced locally. The brand has been recognized over the years for its uncompromising levels of food & service.

Veg Kothe - Naveen's Bapu ki Kutia


Looking at the overwhelming popularity, including times when customers had to be turned down because of limited capacity, Naveen's Bapu Ki Kutia opened its doors with its second outlet in Bhopal's Business District in 2003.

Kadai Paneer - Naveen's Bapu ki Kutia

In The Future

This was followed by another 3 additional outlets in Bhopal in the years 2015, 2017 and 2018 The Company now looks forward to embark on a new journey to take this super brand from Bhopal to the rest of India and beyond her shores to international markets.

Daal Makhani - Naveen's Bapu ki Kutia

Director's Profile

Naveen Sujwani

Naveen's journey with the industry started at a young age of 16 as he used to accompany his grandfather daily to the restaurant. His keen interest made him work through all aspects of his restaurant business which now helps him manage his restaurants with ease. Over the years his work has been instrumental in expansion of the brand and recognition of Naveen's
Bapu Ki Kutia as a Super Brand in Bhopal - one which is today known for being pure vegetarian steeped in Indian philosophy of naturally prepared hygienic food.

Jitendra Sujwani

Jitendra too, started early in the food industry. Hisinterests are in innovation & constant
improvement in product standards. He also has deep knowledge of supply chain management & backward integration as well as operations.

Narendra Rawtani

An academician by profession he has developed his own brands in the education sector. He is a mentor to several successful companies and his core strengths lie in Product branding & Brand Management.