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5 Reasons why you should choose Veg Thali

Indian cuisine is considered to be unique and exquisite due to the use of spices and the variety  of vegetarian dishes. But eating all the dishes at one go, can become tasking sometimes. that ‘s when Veg Thali comes to your rescue. A veg thali is a delicacy known for the size and variety of the dishes. It is a plate that consists of the bowls of items made with lentils, veggies with some bread, rice and desserts. 

It’s a flavorful and satisfying meal that has its own reasons of being preferred by many. Below given are few;

Variety of dishes:

A thali is an assortment of dishes of all the flavours be it sweet, sour or savoury. You don’t need to spend money and purchase the items at different prices. You will get all the dishes of varied tastes served in small portions in a single plate. The belief behind it is that the body needs all the nutrients and composition of foods to help to energize it.

Value for money:

If you are in a group and have a shortage of money then going for a thali is a very affordable option. In a veg thali restaurant, you will be able to get a thali at a reasonable price. All the states of India have different thali. If you go to a south Indian restaurant the items served will be different from the north Indian restaurant.

Healthy option:

The restaurant will provide the dishes in a thali that are made of vegetables. These items are high in proteins, vitamins and are opposite to the notion that healthy food is not tasty. You will get a scrumptious meal rich in taste with different flavour profiles.


Thali promises one thing that is quantity with price. It will not just satisfy your hunger but will add to your taste as well. Furthermore, ordering dishes according to your taste and choice can become a time consuming job too. Hence a good veg thali restaurant can be your go to choice.

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