3 Delicious Monsoon Recipes

Monsoon is all about rain drops, fresh air, colorful umbrellas, muddy aroma, bright green leaves, splashy flip flops, total greenery, and of course, food cravings. In other words, monsoon gives complete relief from the scorching summer heat waves. Let us see some of the most delicious monsoon recipes –

  • Pyaaz Pakoda – Pyaaz Pakodas are the most common, all-time favorite, and traditional and widely relished monsoon snack. People prefer it because it is easy to cook at home. Families love having spicy and crispy pyaaz pakodas in evening with their family and friends. To make it even more delicious, people prepare spicy chutney or add tomato sauce. These are often enjoyed with hot tea. No doubt, it is a popular Indian appetizer…
  • Corn Bhel – You can’t miss Corn Bhel in monsoon season. A delicious corn bhel is easy to make and can hypnotize anyone when chopped onions, tomatoes, and a few drops of lemon are mixed. No doubt, it is an inspiring and a healthy monsoon snack! It is a quick and delicious snack. People often enjoy corn bhel with green chilli chutney with their friends!
  • Baked Kachori – Made with a spiced urad dal stuffing, nothing beats a Baked Kachori when it comes to monsoon snacking! You can enjoy stuffed khasta kachoris with tomato Ketchup or any other tangy sauce or coriander chutney. People enjoy this healthier version of kachoris in monsoon. Are you ready to enjoy this healthy, crunchy and delicious monsoon snack?

One of the best things is you can prepare these simple monsoon recipes at home or order them from any nearby pure veg restaurant that serves a wide range of delicious monsoon dishes. Are you ready to enjoy these amazing monsoon recipes?

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